Supreme Court Rules in Racial Bias Case; More Black Plays on Broadway

By The News Mar 20, 2008

Supreme Court Overturns La. Death Penalty Case With Clarence Thomas dissenting, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that overturned the death penalty case of a Black man. The justices found that the Louisiana court erred by improperly excluding any Blacks from the jury. Chicago Tribune. In L.A., Racial Conflict Not the Source of Homicide Rates New statistics from the LAPD have disproved the myth that racial animosity between Blacks and Latinos is the source of the city’s violence. Los Angeles Times. Black Audiences Attracting More Shows on Broadway After the success of major productions like "The Color Purple" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," Broadway is responding to the strong audience of Black theatergoers with more plays that reflect their lives. New York Times. Iraq Five Years of War Leads to Protests "More than 200 people were arrested across the United States on Wednesday as protesters marking the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq obstructed downtown traffic and tried to block access to government offices." Washington Post.