Supreme Court Plans to Address Voting Rights, Asylum

By Jonathan Adams Mar 17, 2008

Found on SCOTUSBlog The Court will review eight new cases. One of the cases stems from a voting rights dispute in North Carolina and, "whether federal voting rights law allows a racial minority group that has less than 50 percent of an election district’s population to seek a district drawn to help assure that the group’s preferred candidates get elected." The Supreme Court has finally taken up the case after dodging it for years. Also announced today, the Court will decide, "whether asylum is available to a refugee who was compelled, against his will by threats of death or torture, to assist or take part in persecution of other persons. The case involves Daniel Girmai Negusie, an Eritrean who served as a guard after being conscripted into military service. He was denied asylum status because he had helped keep prisoners in a camp during the long war between Eritrea and Ethiopia."