Supreme Court to decide if race is factor in school admission

By The News Jun 27, 2007

Whether or not race can be used as a proactive basis for admitting students into public schools will be decided by the Supreme Court this week, news outlets are reporting. The Court is considering two state-level actions involving angry white parents that will weigh the value of diversity and inclusion versus school-choice. CNN reported:

In 2001, a group composed primarily of white parents from two neighborhoods sued, saying about 200 students had not been admitted to their schools of choice, preventing many from attending facilities nearest to their homes.

The Supreme Court decision has the power to uproot Brown v. Board of Education that more than 50 years ago, set out to protect the interests of students of color by crystallizing a movement for racially integrated schools. Brown and its language of racial and educational equity, as we know it, could disappear from our nation’s educational standards as interpreted by the Court. You can learn more about the cases in this Diversity Inc. article "Major Supreme Court Decisions on School Integration Expected Tomorrow."