Superman as Immigrant Rights Activist

Watch Comedian Hari Kondabolu chime in on the country's most famous undocumented immigrant.

By S. Leigh Thompson Oct 10, 2011

Hari Kondabolu’s particular brand of race-smart comedy keeps us at [Drop the I-Word]( laughing, thinking and coming back for more. He recently pointed to Superman as an example of the U.S. immigration contradiction. And importantly, how as someone with privileges Superman is poised to take action and help undocumented immigrants in a much different way. [Jay Smooth has commented]( on Superman as our greatest undocumented cultural icon, too. Is Superman unchallenged because as a white journalist he fits right in? Should Superman become an immigrant rights activist? What questions do you have about Superman’s role and status? Watch Hari’s piece and comment with your thoughts and questions. +++ *[Drop the I-Word]( is a public education campaign of, powered by immigrants and diverse communities across the country that value human dignity and are working to eradicate the dehumanizing slur "illegals" from everyday use and public discourse. The i-word opens the door to racial profiling and violence and prevents truthful, respectful debate on immigration. No human being is illegal. [Learn more by following the blog](*