Super Tuesday Kicks Off; Republicans Tone Down Immigration Rhetoric

By The News Feb 05, 2008

Youth Remain an Important Voting Bloc In an effort to capitalize on the importance of the youth vote, candidates have been reaching out through blogging, MySpace, Facebook, and sending celebrities to do campaigning work. Despite youth cynicism and disillusionment with U.S politics and the electoral process, youth turn out rates for voting have been significantly higher. LA Times Latinos Prepare for Super Tuesday Gearing up for today’s vote, Sergio Bendixen, a Miami based pollster, says that Hispanics find voting even more important this year "as a strategy of self-defence" in the immigration debate and to show their strength in numbers. NY Times Republicans Tone Down Harsh Immigration Rhetoric In an effort to capture votes in immigrant communities, Republican Presidential candidates toned down their immigration speak when campaigning in California, treating the matter with more sensitivity, calling for "a humane and compassionate approach." Obama to Focus on Smaller States for Super Tuesday Obama’s strategy today is to focus on smaller states like Idaho and Delaware, rather than only make appearances in key states like New York and California. Jen Psaki, an Obama spokeswoman says the goal is to show voters that "Obama is the candidate who can win across the board, including in red states." Huckabee to Sign Alabama Senator’s Immigration Pledge Mike Huckabee will sign Senator Session’s immigration pledge in an effort to defeat the McCain-Kennedy proposal in the U.S. Senate. CBS News