"Beasts of the Southern Wild," the highly celebrated Sundance film that took the top awards at the film festival, has a new trailer and a release date. The film centers around a six-year-old black girl who’s father’s health is fading and her search for her mother. All of this after a hurricane causes environmental changes that result in the release of an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs. "Nothing else at this year’s festival came close to stirring up the excitement and sense of discovery generated by ‘Beasts,’" [New York Times critic Manhola Dargis wrote shortly after Sundance.](http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/28/movies/at-sundance-beasts-of-the-southern-wild-is-standout.html?_r=2) She also warned us of the impending race comments that may come if the movie does as well as everyone predicts. "I heard one industry type wonder aloud if Hushpuppy was ‘retarded or just black and poor,’" [Dargis wrote.](http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/28/movies/at-sundance-beasts-of-the-southern-wild-is-standout.html?_r=2) So prepare yourselves.