Studies Show Bias for Boys Among Asian Families, and other news

By The News Jun 15, 2009

Studies Show Bias for Boys Among Asian Families A recent study on census data tracking births from families of Chinese, Korean, and Indian descent shows that there could be a bias for having boys. Some researchers believe certain cultural traditions and values are retained here in the U.S. even among younger immigrants. NY Times. Thousands Support Puerto Rican Day Despite the absence of New York-born, Puerto Rican Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, thousands came out and supported the city’s annual Puerto Rican Day celebration. Numbering nearly 800,000, Puerto Ricans are the largest Latino group in New York City. USA Today. Arab Americans Plan Partnership With Obama The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) recently held its annual convention, which featured former President Bill Clinton as its keynote speaker. The ADC is increasingly hopeful about building a strong partnership with current President Obama and his administration. Detroit News. Retailers Cater to Latino Shoppers Several major chains and grocers are expanding their offerings to cater to Latino shoppers, a move retailers are making to meet consumer needs for the country’s fastest growing population. MSNBC News.