Student Voices on the High School Exam

By Jorge Rivas Jul 06, 2009

New America Media asked a few young people in California for their thoughts on the controversial California high school exit exam (CAHSEE). Monica Carlos, 23, says:

“It has been five months since I took the last CAHSEE math test. For the fifth time. Yes, I took the test five times. I will probably take it again if I have to. I have all my high school credits and passed the English portion of the CAHSEE, but I cannot receive my high school diploma until I pass the math part.

Apparently there are many students like Monica who have passed and have credits for all their high school graduation requirements but can’t get their diploma because they can’t pass the exit exam. via New America Media: New America Media presents a package of stories on the controversial proposal with views both for and against the proposal as well as reactions from parents and school children. Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass supports the moratorium in an op-ed where she calls for a timeout. Kirk Clark, executive director of California Business for Education Excellence, thinks suspending CAHSEE would shortchange students and the state. Parents with children in public school weigh in on the proposal. Students have mixed opinions about the exit exam. But whether they struggled with it or sailed through it they all agree that it should be postponed forever.