Still Think the Rent’s Too Damn High? Watch Jimmy McMillan’s New Film

Move over Will Smith. Rent is Too Damn High Jimmy McMillan is starring in this summer's blockbuster hit.

By Jorge Rivas Jun 23, 2011

Former 2010 New York gubernatorial candidate and crowd favorite Jimmy McMillan can now add a new title to his list of professions. He’s the subject of his own documentary. McMillan is best known as the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High, a New York-based political party that made headlines after McMilllan’s boastful appearance at 2010’s governor’s debate.

Now, after a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign filmmaker Aaron Fisher-Cohen is now ready to release "DAMN!", a documentary that details where the 64-year-old McMillan’s activism comes from and explores just how high the rent’s actually gotten.

The filmmakers were granted exclusive, unprecedented access to Jimmy’s life early on in the election — way before the infamous debate — and documented every step he took from then until the elections.

Below is the film’s synopsis:

DAMN! is the the story of Rent is 2 Damn High founder Jimmy McMillan, a Vietnam veteran, black belt Karate master, former stripper, and 70’s soul singer, who became an overnight sensation after his appearance on the 2010 New York gubernatorial debate went viral, receiving over 2 million views in 24 hours and lifting Jimmy from political obscurity into the international spotlight.

In what becomes an unforgettable journey, DAMN! is the only film to ever capture the rise of a viral sensation and the media fixation that follows as it all unfolds. It’s a some- times funny and sometimes dark look into what happens when mass media, politics, and money all descend upon the life of one man.

McMillan has run for office at least six times since 1993, including his most recent bid. These days he’s also running for President–as a republican. His new tagline? "Tell Obama I’m coming after his black ass."

The film is currently making the film festival rounds in Brooklyn and will also be released on DVD and digital download August 16.

PS: For you film technology nerds out there, the film was entirely shot on Canon’s prosumer 7D camera!