#StayMadAbby in 9 Amazing Tweets

By Kenrya Rankin Dec 11, 2015

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which debates the constitutionality of race-based college admissions. The case centers around a White woman, Abigail Fisher, who feels she was denied a spot at her chosen school because of affirmative action—nevermind that the lower courts found that her grades and test scores wouldn’t have gotten her in even if she were Black. In the course of the discussion, Justice Antonin Scalia said that Black students are better suited to "less advanced schools."

And Twitter was not here for any of it. #StayMadAbby popped up and gathered more than 46,000 tweets that clap back at Fisher and Scalia. Here, the most brilliant, hilarious and heartwarming posts of the bunch.












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