States Release Inmates Early; Immigrants Dying in Detention Centers

By The News May 05, 2008

No Information on Detained Immigrants’ Deaths ICE reports that 66 people have died between January 2004 and November 2007, but there are not many details about these deaths. As immigrants’ loved ones attempt to gather more information, they are met with a wall of silence and left with many questions. New York Times. Six Sites Chosen By Sharpton to Protest Verdict Rev. Al Sharpton will lead people protesting the acquittal of detectives in the fatal shooting of Sean Bell on Wednesday. Protesters will gather near six transit choke points around New York City before a march and "pray-in" organizers anticipate will lead to some arrests. Newsday. Oakland Teachers Protest Budget Cuts Staging a "teach-in, " two dozen teachers across Oakland set aside their normal lesson plans in favor of topics like the war in Iraq, racial inequality and a recent 10 percent cut in the state schools budget. new York Times. States Strapped For Cash Can’t Afford Inmates Reversing the hard "War on Drugs" stance that led to mandatory sentencing laws and tough penalties, states like California and Mississippi are releasing inmates early due to budget deficits. Washington Post.