State Rep: Muslims Are ‘Cancer That Must Be Cut From American Society’

By Jamilah King Sep 19, 2014

Oklahoma state Rep. John Bennett made headlines this week for making some of the vilest anti-Muslim comments on record from an elected American official. Dean Obeidallah recounts what happened:

On Monday, Bennett held a public forum with more than 100 constituents in a Western Sizzlin’ steakhouse in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. There, Bennett provided his supporters with something other than steak — a big helping of hate.

According to the Sequoyah County Times, Bennett told the audiencethat Muslims are a "cancer that must be cut out of the American society." He added that the goal of Muslims is "the destruction of Western civilization from within."

But here’s where Bennett’s comments truly become bone chilling. Bennett, a military veteran, issued what some could interpret as a call to arms: "I’m not advocating violence against anyone … but I am not going to stand back and allow them to let Islam take over this nation."

The worst part? Bennett’s audience responded with a standing ovation. Obeidallah rightly notes that it’s this type of sentiment that will undoubtedly lead to reactionary violence against Muslims in the United States. Read more at CNN.