#StarringJohnCho Reimagines Hollywood Blockbusters With Asian-American Lead

By Sameer Rao May 06, 2016

A new campaign protesting Hollywood’s Whitewashing of Asian-American characters and performers reimagines several Hollywood blockbusters with Asian-American leads—or rather, one particular Asian-American lead. 

#StarringJohnCho describes itself as "a social movement that literally shows you what it would look like if today’s Hollywood blockbusters cast an Asian-American actor—specifically, John Cho—as their leading man," on its website, which launched yesterday (May 5). To that end, the site and its Twitter account and hashtag feature movie posters with the Korean-American star of "Better Luck Tomorrow" and "Star Trek" as a top-billed actor. 

The results, as the following tweets attest, are incredible:


While Cho isn’t officially involved with the campaign, he did follow its Twitter page.  

Cho has previously spoke about being excluded from several film genres because of his ethnicity.