#StarringConstanceWu Is Officially A Thing

By Sameer Rao May 17, 2016

Earlier this month, social media campaign #StarringJohnCho attacked Hollywood’s Whitewashing of Asian and Asian-American roles by recasting "Selfie" and "Harold and Kumar" star John Cho as the lead in several Hollywood films. Now a new hashtag campaign does the same with Constance Wu. 

Yes, #StarringConstanceWu (both a hashtag and Twitter account) adapts the formula with "Fresh Off The Boat" star Constance Wu, featuring the Taiwanese-American actress as the lead in a variety of past and upcoming films. Once again, the results are glorious: 


The last example above features Wu in "Easy A," a film that helped popularize actress Emma Stone. Stone controversially portrayed a part-Asian and -Native Hawaiian captain in Cameron Crowe’s "Aloha"—a reference not lost on Wu: 

(H/t Angry Asian Man)