Spike Lee Revisits ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ for Upcoming Netflix Series

By Sameer Rao Sep 16, 2016

Spike Lee broke on the scene nearly 30 years ago with his debut feature-length film, "She’s Gotta Have It." That pioneering movie paved the way for successive generations of Black independent filmmakers, and now it will be adapted for a new 10-episode Netflix series. 

Deadline reported yesterday (September 15) that Lee will direct all 10 episodes of the show for the streaming service. He will also executive produce alongside wife Tonya Lewis Lee.

Similar to the original black-and-white movie’s plot, the series will focus on "Nola Darling," a young Black woman in Brooklyn on a journey of self-discovery while exploring sexual relationships with three suitors: model "Greer Childs," investment banker "Jamie Overstreet" and "da original b-boy sneakerhead" "Mars Blackmon." The original film earned Lee Independent Spirit and Cannes Film Festival awards.

While this isn’t Lee’s first television project, it will be his first small screen series. The project was originally slated for Showtime in 2014. It remains unclear whether the show will address the film’s original controversial themes of a woman’s sexual liberation and men’s control, or if it will feature its controversial rape scene where Overstreet attempts to "tame" Darling.

Check out the original film’s trailer above.