Special Report: Where Asian-American and Latino Issues Meet

By Carla Murphy Nov 04, 2014

What are the "real clear moments of collaboration between Asian-Americans and Latinos" is the question driving journalist Maria Hinojosa’s new hour-long podcast, "Hyphen-Americans." Abigail Licad, editor in chief of Asian-American life magazine, Hyphen says, "[Collaboration] is exactly what’s being forgotten in all the negative media hype especially when it concerns issues like affirmative action and immigration." From school desegregation to early 20th century inter-marriage between Sikh men and Mexican women to the farm worker movement, Licad fills in the historical record. 

Next, Hinojosa introduces listeners to a University of California, Davis resource center that welcomes young Asian and Latino students who are undocumented (7:30); examines the effects of California’s affirmative action fight on communities of color (15:00); talks food (like Filipino-Americans’ leche flan) and where saki meets salsa (35:05) and ends with words of wisdom from a Japanese-American woman reflecting on the first years of her life in an internment camp (47:55). Listen, on Latino USA above.