Spate of Anti-Asian American Assaults on College Campuses, and Other News

By The News Apr 24, 2009

Asian-Americans Attacked, Insulted on Campus In Lancaster, PA, two Asian American college students reported being assaulted and called racial epithets by ellow students. This is the most recent of alleged discriminatory actions targeting Asian-Americans on college campuses, following incidents occurring at Tufts University and UC Santa Barbara in the past few weeks. Lancaster Online CA High School Exit Exam Keeps Students of Color from Graduation A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University and UC Davis shows that more white male high school students are passing the California high school Exit Exam than girls and students of color. They attribute this disparity to “a stereotype threat,” where negative stereotypes become self-fulfilling. LA Times Activists Walk Out on Profiling Task Force Representatives from several civil rights organizations walked out of a task force meeting after failing to receive police reports that may support allegations of racial profiling by San Jose’s police of Latinos in public intoxication arrests. Mercury News. Obama Disappoints the Black Diaspora Many people of African descent abroad have expressed disappointment over the U.S. decision to boycott the U.N. Racism Conference. For them, President Obama’s absence puts a damper on the historic impact he has had for the international community. New American Media. Report Surveys Asian American Political Involvement The National Asian American Survey, the most comprehensive survey of Asian American political views and participation, shows that despite the number of Asian American voters, electoral representation is lower than other communities of color. AsianWeek