Southern California Weekly Publishes A-Z Guide to Being Undocumented

By Jamilah King May 01, 2014

Julio Salgado and Prerna Lal, two activists who’ve long spoken out publicly for the rights of undocumented immigrants, just published an a-z guide on life without papers in the O.C. Weekly. The guide offers illustrated definitions of terms that usually come up in the debate over immigration, including:


Alien: Term used by the federal government and legal system to refer to all immigrants, legal and otherwise, in the U.S. Also used by bigots (in combination with "illegal") to try to seem clever. Silly bigots!



Dreamers: Shorthand for undocumented youth taken from the federal DREAM Act, which gave some limited amnesty, provided they attended college. However, it was so limited there’s now a campaign to "Drop the D word" and find a term more inclusive. Ah, progressives . . .


Obama, President: Deporter in Chief, with more than 2 million deportations under his belt — by far the most of any presidential administration in history. He can change this legacy with a stroke of his pen and bring amnesty to all.