South Los Angeles Residents Struggle to Find Health Care; Construction Slump Hurts Latinos

By The News Jun 05, 2008

South L.A. Residents Struggle to Find Health Care "For thousands of residents of South Los Angeles who had depended on the large county-run King-Harbor hospital, the past 10 months have been a grueling exercise in cobbling together medical care." New York Times. Governor: Californians Need to Conserve During Drought "Its reservoir levels receding and its grounds parched, California has fallen officially into drought, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Wednesday, warning that the state might be forced to ration water to cities and regions if conservation efforts did not improve." New York Times. Research Shows Racial Disparities in Health Care "Race and place of residence can have a staggering impact on the course and quality of the medical treatment a patient receives, according to new research showing that blacks with diabetes or vascular disease are nearly five times more likely than whites to have a leg amputated and that women in Mississippi are far less likely to have mammograms than those in Maine." New York Times. After Thirty Years, Growing Number of Black Mormons The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not keep statistics according to ethnicity, but anecdotal evidence, including congregations popping up in urban areas, more black church leaders, a Grammy-winning Mormon gospel choir led by convert Gladys Knight and a booming presence in Ghana and Nigeria, suggests the church may be recovering from its racist history. St. Louis Post Dispatch. Latino Construction Workers Feel Recession "Latin American immigrants, representing nearly a quarter of all jobs in housing and commercial construction, have been hurt by the decline, according to the report by the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center." Chicago Tribune.