South California Recruiting ‘Minority’ Teachers; Noose Incident at Cal State Fullerton

By The News Nov 16, 2007

Nooses found on campus prompt outcry Following a series of racist incidents at universities throughout the country, several nooses were found on the Cal State Fullerton campus during a tolerance rally, which campus police are considering as a “somewhat offensive” act, but not a crime. Los Angeles Times. Ads aim to recruit men, minorities to teach in SC Aimed to launch before Thanksgiving, South Carolina will air television advertisements, in the hopes of recruiting more men and people of color school teachers. Although last year 8,000 new teachers were hired, 20% of those being men and people of color, 700 positions are still needed to be filled. WIS 10 TV. Study: Latino economic power increasing According to the study, “Datos 2007: Focus on Arizona’s Hispanic Market,” Latino homeownership and purchasing power is increasing at a rate much higher compared to the rest of the population. The study also notes research by the U.S. Census Bureau, which indicates that by 2030, the Hispanic population will be greater than the white population. The Arizona Republic. Rare Robbery Case Brings Cries of Racism In Northern California, three young black men broke into the home of white homeowner, Shannon Edmonds. The three young men, after demanding marijuana, brutally attacked Edmonds’ son, and Edmonds argued in defense that he had shot and killed two of the three perpetrators. Under the rarely used California “Provocation Act,” it is 22-year old Renato Hughes, Jr. that will be charged with murder. Associated Press.