South Asian Artists Come Together to Support Rana Plaza Victims

A new benefit album offers a unique way to support victims and their families.

By Jamilah King Jun 25, 2013

It’s been months since a devastating building collapse in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 garment workers and injured more than 2,500 others. In the aftermath of 

the collapse, which is the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern history, there’s been a push to move from the individual devastation to an institutional analysis, namely by holding Western companies (Wal-Mart, Gap, JC Penny’s, among many others) accountable for turning a blind eye to the deficiencies of its Bangladeshi contractors.

In the midst of such discussion, a new U.S.-based fundraising effort has sprung up to help support the victims and their families. Beats for Bangladesh is a benefit album in solidarity with the workers in Rana Plaza. The album brings together South Asian artists from within and beyond the United States’ borders. You can listen to the album’s 26 tracks at Bandcamp. Proceeds from the album go to Bangladeshi Center for Worker Solidarity, which provides on-the-ground support to those impacted by the tragedy.