Some Jay Smooth Wisdom on the Starbucks Controversy

By Akiba Solomon Mar 18, 2015

Jay Smooth had plenty to say about Starbucks‘ new talk-to-your-barista-about-racism campaign on "All In With Chris Hayes" last night.* A sample of what the vlogger, hip-hop DJ and a video producer for Colorlines’ publisher, Race Forward, said: 

The intentions seem noble and I want to keep an open mind, but I think there’s already this strange fixation on ‘conversation’ when it comes to race that you don’t see with other issues we want to take seriously. …  If you look at the DOJ report on Ferguson it does not describe issues that can be addressed by increasing the number of chats in coffee shops. We’re talking about institutional, systemic issues.

Check out the full interview above, and click this link for an open letter to Starbucks and USA Today by Rinku Sen, executive director of Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines.