Somali ‘Pirates’ Plan to Send Treasures Taken from Rich Countries to Haiti

By Jorge Rivas Jan 29, 2010

We haven’t heard about the Somali pirates in months, but they’re back in the news cycle. This time around, it’s a more positive, Robin Hood-esque story. In the article, translated on, leaders of the pirate groups say they’re willing to "transfer part of their loot captured from transnational boats and send it to Haiti." ”The humanitarian aid to Haiti can not be controlled by the United States and European countries; they have no moral authority to do so. They are the ones pirating mankind for many years,” said the Somali spokesman. Somali pirate leaders say they have links around the world to help them ensure the delivery of aid without being detected by the armed forces of "enemy governments." According to the Kenyan foreign minister, Somali pirates have received over $150 million in ransom in 2008. The largest ransom ever paid to Somali pirates took place earlier this year and believed to be between $5.5m and $7m, according to unnamed sources interviewed by Reuters news agency. Somali pirates or Robin Hood?