Smith Family Denies Shocked Reaction at VMA’s Was Directed Toward Miley Cyrus

It's safe to say that she stole the show.

By Jamilah King Aug 26, 2013

UPDATE: 8/26/13, 1:22pm ET: The Smith family has issued a press release saying that the photo was not in reaction to Miley Cyrus’s performance.

Miley Cyrus became the talk of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Her performance of a new song, "We Can’t Stop", was a lesson in rachetry: lots and lots of tongue, a provocatively placed foam finger, and twerking all up on Robin Thicke. The performance left many viewers speechless — including Will Smith and his family:

Critics have accused Cyrus of blatantly appropriating black culture. Even VICE thinks the 20-year-old performer needs to take an African-American studies class.