‘Sleep Dealer’ Has Been Re-released Digitally

By Aura Bogado Jul 07, 2014

"Sleep Dealer" is a high quality science fiction film about migrant labor, water rights, drones and more–set in a dystopian future. Alex Rivera’s premiered at Sundance in 2008 and won numerous awards there and at other film festivals. But the distribution company that picked it up, Maya Entertainment went under, and the film never really got a proper release on the market.  

Rivera, who has directed amazing immigration-themed music videos for Aloe Blacc, La Santa Cecilia, and Manu Chau, managed to get the rights to "Sleep Dealer" back. He then asked friends on Facebook if they knew of any distributors who might be interested in picking it up again. The filmmaker heard back from Sundance itself, whose #ArtistService arm has now re-released the film online.   

You can purchase Sleep Dealer online for as little as $5–and it’s also available on iTunes and Amazon, with a Netflix release expected soon.