Singer Marsha Ambrosius Opens Up About Homophobia

With a new album on the way, songstress says she just wanted to be a good friend.

By Jamilah King Jan 13, 2011

Over at the blog Rod 2.0, British R&B singer Marsha Ambrosius opens up about about her powerful new music video. Last week we highlighted the singer’s new work "Far Away" as a celebration of queer love and an important statement against LGBT suicide. This week she talked to reporter Rod McCullom about her motivation:

One of my very good friends was going through something with his life and his relationship. I just wanted to be a good friend. It was hard to see them go through this with their lives and when they attempted suicide … it was one of the worst things possible. As far as the concept for the video, I just wanted to make it as pure and loving as possible.

Ambrosius also doesn’t think there’s anything controversial or taboo about the video:

Already this has had a much larger impact than I thought it would. So many people are loving that they are so open in their relationship, and, they are two black men. Openly in love, not hiding. I didn’t realize it was something that had not been shown before. This is not controversial. It’s just two Black men in love. To me and to my friends, it’s completely normal So I wanted to be as honest as possible.

Read the rest of the interview at Rod 2.0.