Singer Marsha Ambrosius Continues to Inspire

One fan tells the singer that her powerful music video hits a little too close to home.

By Thoai Lu Feb 25, 2011

At the blog Rod 2.0, a fan of British R&B singer Marsha Ambrosius shared her story about a boyfriend’s suicide at Coppin State University’s homecoming, during the singer’s performance.

Ambrosius performed an emotional rendition of "Far Away," a single from her new album Late Nights & Early Mornings. Just last month, Jamilah King wrote about how the song’s music video was a celebration of queer love and an important statement against LGBT suicide. In the video, a young black gay couple faces rejection from other members of the black community before one attempts to commit suicide.

Th effort garnered lots of response when it was first released, and is stil making its mark. The student shared the stage with Ambrosius at the historically black college and told the audience about how her boyfriend had committed suicide back in December. According to the fan: "The reason I love this song so much is because… it told my story."

In an interview the singer gave to blogger Rod McCullom last winter, Ambrosious talked about the song’s impact:

Already this has had a much larger impact than I thought it would. So many people are loving that they are so open in their relationship, and, they are two black men. Openly in love, not hiding. I didn’t realize it was something that had not been shown before. This is not controversial. It’s just two Black men in love. To me and to my friends, it’s completely normal So I wanted to be as honest as possible.