“Sicko” coming to theatres; Republicans debate immigration

By The News Jun 06, 2007

Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system. Save the date. June 29. Michael Moore’s new film is a damning indictment of the way the world’s richest country looks after those who fall ill. Andrew Gumbel finds out whether his accusations are justified. –Irish Independent Hospitals admit white kids with lesser emergencies. A confusing new discovery. Studies have shown that white children are hospitalized more often for medical emergencies than Hispanic or black children. Researchers from George Washington University School of Medicine assumed that the disparity was because the children of color were receiving less aggressive care. But in a new study, researchers found instead that all children were admitted equally when they had true emergencies, and the white children were over-admitted for conditions that could be readily treated at home. –Boston Globe After Imus, the Movement to Legitimize Casual Racism Continues Unabated. Read this folks. The movement to legitimize casual racism in the media continues unabated in the aftermath of the Don Imus episode. Naturally, Fox is leading the way. In the space of a few days, the following statements were made on the network.–Huffingtonpost.com Reid Says He Will Seek to End Debate on Immigration Bill. How the bill game is played. On Tuesday, the Senate had already slipped behind schedule because lawmakers spent several hours paying tribute to one of their colleagues, Senator Craig Thomas, Republican of Wyoming, who died Monday of leukemia. Mr. Reid said that if he could not muster the votes needed for cloture, he would move on to other matters — a vote of no confidence in the attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzales, and then energy legislation. –NYTimes G.O.P. Candidates Spar Over Immigration. A misguided effort. Mr. McCain found himself at odds with former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, who each criticized the Senate plan as woefully lacking in border security and immigration enforcement measures, including a uniform method to identify immigrants and limits on certain types of visas. –NYTimes Obama tries to lure more Latino voters. Better now than never. Taking a break from the presidential campaign trail, this week Obama will be visible on Capitol Hill as the Senate resumes work on its immigration bill. He is cosponsoring four amendments, including two with Menendez, which would create a path toward citizenship for 12 million undocumented immigrants. And this Saturday, Obama’s campaign plans to highlight his work as volunteers go door to door in a host of cities, including several with major Latino populations, to support his candidacy. –The Hill Ethnic Profiling At Georgetown?A bad case of post-9/11 crackdown . That’s what Kambiz Fattahi wants to know. He claims he was profiled at the university’s graduation ceremony because of his Middle Eastern heritage. He was born in Iran but later became an American citizen. Two security officers removed him from the event and interrogated him for nearly a half hour before letting him go. He has asked the university for an apology. –WUSA9.com