Showing Love for Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland: A Cross-Genre Tribute

The legendary singer passed away on Sunday at the age of 83.

By Jamilah King Jun 24, 2013

Bobby "Blue" Bland passed away over the weekend. The singer’s 1974 hit single "Ain’t No Love (In the Heart of the City)" is one of my personal favorites. And it’s also one of the most sampled songs around. Originally released in 1974 on Bland’s hit album "Dreamer", the song was written by Michael Price and Dan Walsh and landed in the top ten of the R&B charts that year. But the song has been kept alive by artists from across generations. I’ve gathered up a handful of samples to illustrate how Bland’s voice helped change 20th century American music. From country to reggae to rock and back to R&B, Bland influenced artists from every genre imaginable. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland: ‘Ain’t No Love (In the Heart of the City) 1974
Jay-Z: Ain’t No Love (In the Heart of the City) 2001.
Allman Brothers (2009 live recording)
Joe Budden: "No Love Lost." 2013 (Hip-Hop) 
Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds (1985)
Vaya con Dios (2004)
Al Brown’s reggae remix (mid-1970s)