Show Some Love to George Takei’s Hilarious Problem-Solving

Forget hand wringing, George Takei's got solutions.

By Julianne Hing May 20, 2011

Forget hand wringing, George Takei’s got solutions. Back in April, Takei took to Twitter to let the people of Tennessee know that if their state succeeds in its attempts to ban teachers from saying the word "gay" in class, they were free to use his own name as a replacement. As in: "I support Takei rights."

At this point it’s hard to know what’s sillier, the proposed law or Takei’s lovable video he made offering the same.

Tennessee may soon need to take him up on it. The bill, which also limits discussion of human sexuality in public school classrooms to just human reproduction, passed the state Senate today and is headed to the House, Nashville’s WPLN reports.

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