Should Black Women Have To Straighten Their Hair To Be On TV? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sounds off on perms, police, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

By Nia King Dec 17, 2012

Rhonda Lee got a nasty lesson in broadcasting while black recently, when the meteorologist was fired for responding to viewer criticism about her natural hair on Facebook. Since losing her job, Lee’s become a cause célèbre of black women and racial justice advocates across the United States. Now, as Jamilah King writes, supporters are teaming up to help get her job back. Here’s what you had to say about it.

Sweets Griffin:

People just don’t have anything to do any more but to find something wrong with black people. We don’t have anything to say about the strings on your head.

Alex Moore-Niemi:

Her response was amazing too. They make it sound like she just went off on a rant for no reason. She was ridiculously patient with the clown being a racist at her.

Phil Pugh:

This lady was polite, respectful, and professional addressing the individual that made remarks about her hair. She did nothing wrong and you let that individual win. The lady who also responded to an overweight comment still has her job. Let’s not make this look like a race thing.

Dwayne Lamont Abernathy:

Why are we not talking discrimination lawsuit? Have they not violated her right to self expression?

Two weeks ago, Julianne Hing covered a story about Meridian, Mississippi, where students are routinely arrested and jailed for breaches of conduct, rather than being disciplined by the school administration. Now, congress is finally paying attention to these disproportionately punitive school practices that lead students to jails and prisons. This past Wednesday, the Senate held a hearing focused on the school-to-prison pipeline.

Lisa D. Gray:

They hear a lot – they change little, and didn’t many of those GOP Congresspeople build the pipeline and pass laws to fill it?

Susan Benedict:

Well at least the DOJ is bringing charges against the administrations and their racism in these schools. They will pay a little but I don’t think it will change them of their brutal ways.

Susan Benedict:

Sen. Dick Durbin is just sucking up. He has been bought out by the corporations and gone rogue. It is a show for him and Lisa is right, nothing will get done.

In a shocking and tragic story reported by Jorge Rivas, a woman suspected of shoplifting from a Walmart was shot dead by an off-duty cop hired to patrol the store. The victim, Shelly Frey, was driving away at the time of the shooting. She had two small children in the back of the car.

Stephanie Masta Zywicki:

How absolutely ridiculous. I hope that the family sues for wrongful death.

Tedra Osell:

Christ, her poor kids.

Elaine Thomas:

Yes, my compassion also for her family. Money can’t bring back a loved one.

Mary H Johnson:

Off-duty or not, he needs to not be a policemen anymore since he obviously does not understand appropriate use of his weapon.

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