Sherri Shepherd Gives Barbara Walters a Lesson on Racism

By Jorge Rivas Feb 20, 2009

The View is daytime TV’s most popular TV show. The daily show opens each day with "Hot Topics," in which the co-hosts provide commentary on the day’s headlines. Yesterday one of their hot topics was the New York Post’s racist cartoon that depicts police officers who have just shot a mad ape. One of the officers says, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.” At one point during the hot topics segment Whoopi Goldberg says, "A lot of people want the Post to apologize," and a confused Barbara Walters interjects and asks, "Because its a black monkey?" and Sherri jumps in and gives Ms. Walters a little lesson with "That it’s a monkey, period." Barbara was still confused and continued, "The reason that it’s racist is it’s not just a monkey. I mean the reason people think that is because the monkey is black." Babs, whatever color monkey it is, comparing our Black president to a primate is inappropriate and racist. Props to Sherri for doing her part to turn this into a teachable moment for Barbara Walters. The View is the second most watched show by women 18-49. Jay Smooth over at Ill Doctrine also has a response.