Sheriff Arpaio To Announce He’s Running For Governor On Monday

By Julianne Hing May 01, 2010 reports:

Several sources confirm to the ABC15 Investigators that Arpaio has already made a decision, and will likely run for the office. In a news conference after this story was first published, the Sheriff said he was still weighing his options, but also that he would in fact have an announcement on Monday. However, when asked about a state sales tax during the news conference, the Sheriff either misspoke or leaked his decision. "When I’m the governor, I’ll study the issue," he said. "If become the I become the governor…I’ll study it."

What if, in some wild world, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, looking for votes and desperate to be re-elected, signed an awful racist piece of legislation so she’d look tough on immigrants in her state? And what if, a week later Joe Arpaio, "America’s Toughest Sheriff" and the mascot of the xenophobic and anti-immigrant Right, leaked that he will be running for her seat? Would Brewer’s compromise of her integrity last Friday all have been for naught? Is it possible that right now, Brewer is sitting in her office, silently cursing her shortsightedness and political calculations? One can only hope.