In the Shadow of the Postville, Iowa Raid

By Jorge Rivas Sep 24, 2009

"In the shadow of the raid" is a short documentary by Greg Brosnan and Jennifer Szymaszek that looks at the aftermath of last years Postville, Iowa raids. via Street Dog Media

When the US government stormed a Kosher meat plant in the American heartland, arresting nearly 400 undocumented workers, a Guatemalan village wept. The biggest immigration raid in US history severed an economic lifeline to one of the poorest corners of the Western Hemisphere while pushing an Iowa farm town to the brink of collapse.

Documentaries like "In the shadow of the raid" have the potential to change public support of deportations because we don’t often hear about the impact on families, friends and communities of the workers who were detained. The film will be premiering at the Morelia International Film Festival, in Mexico between Oct. 3 and Oct. 11, but we at RaceWire can’t wait for it to come to the other side of the border. For more information on screenings of "In the shadow of the raid" visit Street Dog Media. 9/25/09 UPDATE: PBS’s Frontline has posted a 15 minute cut of the film.