SF Giants’ Sergio Romo Records Video in Support of Immigration Reform

The video appears on Major League Baseball's YouTube channel.

By Jorge Rivas Jun 07, 2013

San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo has recorded a video in support of immigration reform. The video appears on Major League Baseball’s YouTube channel.

"I’m first-generation Mexican-American. Both of my parents were born in Mexico," he says in the video. "My dad always spoke of the American dream as a man hard working, earning his keep, being able to take care of his family in a respectful manner."

Romo, a first-generation Mexican-American, created the video in partnership with The Dream is Now campaign that is pushing Congress to pass the DREAM Act. The Dream is Now is spearheaded by the Emerson Collective which was founded by Laurene Jobs and Davis Guggenheim.

"When I hear of a student being undocumented, I take it as a kid going to school, just trying to learn to do better so I don’t find anything negative in that," says Romo, who was born in California. Two million undocumented people "deserve a chance to live their dream and we will all win if they do."