Sergio Romo’s Other Controversial Showstopping Shirts

Nov 01, 2012

Wednesday’s big story from the San Francisco Giants’ victory parade was relief pitcher Sergio Romo’s and the message in front of his T-shirt: "I just look illegal."

Immigrant activists interpreted the message "I just look illegal" as a satirical look at the term they believe dehumanizes immigrants in the country without authorization.

Monica Novoa, campaign coordinator for the "Drop-the-I-Word " campaign, which seeks to eliminate the widespread usage of "illegal" in reference to immigrants had similar thoughts.

"Romo used his platform to show how ridiculous the notion is for anyone to be considered ‘illegal,’ said Novoa. "He also is pointing to how this dehumanizing, inaccurate language goes hand in hand with racial profiling."

The "I just look illegal" t-shirt wasn’t the first controversial shirt Romo wore to public events. At the 2010 World Series victory parade he wore a shirt that read "The Beaners," making fun of another derogatory term aimed at Latinos

Romo seen at the 2010 Giants World Series victory parade. (Photo: CC/Art Siegel)