The Sergio Romo Pro-Migrant Ice Cream Is Happening

The flavor's tagline is a nod to a political statement the San Francisco Giants pitcher made at his team's World Series parade last year.

By Julianne Hing Jun 14, 2013

Back in December Bay Area-based ice cream company Three Twins released a mockup of an ice cream flavor they wanted San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo to front. And now it’s happening. The deal, announced last week, means that folks will be able to taste their Sergio Romo Mexican Chocolate ice cream soon. 

But that’s not all. The ice cream comes with the tagline "It only tastes illegal," which is itself a nod to Romo’s first foray into political activism, when he stepped out at the Giants’ World Series parade wearing a bold t-shirt with the words "I Just Look Illegal" stretched across his chest. Immigrant rights supporters gleefully celebrated the athlete’s bold political statement, and it was after that turn that Three Twins reportedly approached Romo.

Back in December the company said that they wanted to partner with Romo for the ice cream flavor in part to, "raise money for immigration reform." "[Romo’s t-shirt] got a lot of people talking and thinking about immigration policy in the United States," Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb told Haighteration. "Mexicans and Mexican Americans play such an important role in Major League Baseball and Three Twins Ice Cream that it seemed like a natural fit. While some claim to be offended by the logo and artwork, we think that it is topical, quirky and fun."

But Romo’s doing more than inking ice cream deals. Romo, who was born and raised in a small Southern California town just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, recently recorded a video in support of immigration reform