Serena Williams: an inspiration

By Samhita Mukhopadhyay Jul 17, 2007

First posted at I am shamefully late on writing about this and I meant to write about this two weeks ago when the Wimbledom actually ended, but, ey, better late than never. I will be honest I don’t know much about sports, but I always watch Serena and Venus Williams play tennis. First of all, because of how they have made history by overcoming serious odds and making it in a sport that has been historically dominated by white people. Also because of the nasty way that the media has covered them in the past and how they may disappear, but always come back, defy the media and whooop some butt. This clip of Serena at Wimbledon still has me tearing. I just had to share. Serena unfortunately lost in the quarter final. Venus, on the other hand, ended up winning the tournament as the lowest ranked player to ever win Wimbledon. Seriously, inspiring.