#SendSikhNoteToTrump Campaign Fights Hate With Postcards

By Sameer Rao Mar 28, 2016

Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh, best known as the bridge-building "Sikh Captain America" character, is fighting hate and building community with a new blog and postcard project aimed at Republican presidential candidate* Donald Trump.

Singh had the idea for the #SendSikhNoteToTrump campaign while traveling to teach cartoon workshops at a middle school. "The messages are inspired by my passion for Sikh, Buddhist and Sufi traditions and a deeply felt urge to counter the epidemic of stereotypes, snap judgements and racism," he says on the website. He goes on to say that, "This is an exercise in compassionate literary illustrated activism."

Here’s how it works: People can write messages to Trump by typing them on the project’s submission page. Singh then transfers their words to one of his four postcard designs, which he previously showcased at New York City Comic Con in 2012. As Singh writes on the site: "Remember to channel your humorous, compassionate at times sarcastic angels. Angry expressions are not part of this campaign." Then he mails the postcards to the candidate at the rate of one a day until Election Day.

Singh sent Colorlines a statement on his motivation for the campaign, which go beyond Trump to address the current political climate at large:

My hope is to connect with folks from across the country who are equally frustrated with the jingoistic, racist, sexist rhetoric finding its way into the national political discourse overshadowing real policy solutions. My response is adding a little levity to this conversation, rather than name-calling and shutting off people [in] different thought camps, but at the same time being acutely aware of the gravity of the choice we face in November. 

Here are a few submission examples from Singh’s Instagram page: 


A #southasian holler to #donaldtrump #SendSikhNoteToTrump http://sendsikhnotetotrump.tumblr.com

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Message from #captainamerica for #Trump #SendSikhNoteToTrump http://sendsikhnotetotrump.tumblr.com

A photo posted by Vishavjit Singh (@sikhtoons) on



#Trump #meditation inc. a business venture in fear #SendSikhNoteToTrump http://sendsikhnotetotrump.tumblr.com

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Visit the campaign’s Tumblr to see more.  

*Post has been updated since publication