Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill; Obama Delays E-Verify System

By The News Jan 30, 2009

Senate Passes Children’s Health Bill Over four million previously uninsured children will now receive government-provided health insurance, as a result of Senate-approved bill passed on Thursday. The bill includes the right for states to utilize federal money for children and pregnant women who are documented immigrants. New York Times. Electronic System To Regulate Legality of Workers Delayed The Obama Administration is delaying an intended crackdown on federal contractors hiring undocumented immigrants. "E-Verify", an electronic system the government required contractors to use to screen workers, will not be instituted until May, to ensure the Administration has "an adequate opportunity to review the rule." Washington Post. Growing Audience For Global Wonders’ Culturally-Focused Kids’ Podcast Global Wonders, the company that released a video podcast teaching children about cultural understanding and global citizenship, is a big hit within iTunes’ Kids and Family category. The increased popularity of their podcast reflects a positive change in parents’ values about race and ethnicity, a shift that seems well in step with the public presence of President Obama and his family. MSNBC News. American Movie Theaters Refuse to Release Arab-American Film Columnist Ray Hanania finds it puzzling, however, that not a single movie theater showed "American East", a film portraying the reality of the Arab experience in America, and he explores why this glaring omission even happened. Huffington Post.