Secret Service Sanctioned; Guantanamo Going Under

By The News Dec 19, 2008

Secret Service Sanctioned for Racial Bias Judge Deborah A. Robinson sanctioned the Secret Service for shamefully concealing and even destroying documents and evidence sought out by ten Black people in a racial discrimination case against them. Jennifer I. Klar, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs,says the ruling "sends the clear message that no entity, not even the United States government or the elite Secret Service, is above the law." Washington Post. Boycotting The System, Not Just The School The latest incident of questionable hiring practices displayed by Auburn’s football team sheds light on the larger, and lingering, issue of institutional racism within universities. Jean-Jacques Taylor believes boycotting the university may set forth a series of policy changes that can help right the wrong of racism in school sports. Dallas News. Curtain Could Soon Close on Guantanamo The infamous military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may soon be facing its imminent end. The Pentagon is drawing up plans to efficiently shut down the prison, in step with President-elect Barack Obama’s promise to close down the facility as a possible "first order of business". Washington Post.