Seattle Cop: ‘I’ll Beat the F—ing Mexican Piss Out of You Homey’

By Kai Wright May 10, 2010

A freelance photographer’s video of Seattle police kicking a suspect in the head while hurling racial slurs surfaced last week, and is quickly drawing national attention. The video, shot on April 17, is certainly shocking. A group of officers from the Seattle Police Department’s gang unit circle around three suspects they’ve placed on the ground. One man isn’t cuffed, and as he wipes his eyes, Detective Shandy Cobane kicks him in the face–presumably in an effort to stomp on the suspect’s hand. Cobane shouts, "I’ll beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you, homey! You feel me?" Later, a second officer stomps on the suspect.

To make matters worse, it turns out the suspect had nothing to do with the crime the cops were investigating, according to local news reports.