Get ready to be repulsed with this new political attack ad funded by the right-wing political action committee Turn Right USA.

Janice Hahn, Los Angeles City Councilwoman and Democratic Congressional candidate, has been criticized by opponents for supporting the work of community anti-gang violence organizers. In this video Turn Right USA turned Hahn into a red-eyed devil stripper while black men surround her and say, "Yeah, gimme your cash, bitch, so we can shoot up the street. Give me your cash, bitch, so we can buy some more heat."

As despicable as it sounds, it’s worse to see.

Hahn’s opponent Craig Huey has denounced the ad and denied involvement with Turn Right USA. "Along with many other residents of the South Bay, I am outraged over this racist and sexist ad," Huey said in a statement. "I unequivocally denounce it … The ad was not authorized and not affiliated with my campaign."

Hahn’s campaign is not so sure that Huey’s hands, and those of his supporters, are so clean. Because Turn Right USA is a PAC they’re not legally required to report information about their donors. Crooks and Liars and Talking Points Memo have reported some possible leads.

The video was created by Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., a political ad producer best known for a 2010 ad for Dale Peterson’s Alabama secretary of agriculture race, according to TPM. This morning Ehlinger said that by denouncing the ad’s racism and sexism, Hahn "reveal[ed] that she is not a member of the human race."