Sean Bell’s Widow May Run for Queens City Council

Nicole Paultre-Bell's reportedly got most of the borough in her corner.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Sep 02, 2010

Word is circulating that Nicole Paultre-Bell, the widow to police shooting victim Sean Bell, may run for the newly vacated Queens City Council seat.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the New York Daily News reports that Paultre-Bell’s lawyer said his client plans to pay her respects to former Councilman Thomas White, whose death left one of the boroughs city council seats vacant. 

Politico reported on Wednesday night that Paultre-Bell is being asked to run by members of her Queens community, which, like the nation, was left shaken after her partner Sean Bell was killed in a hail of bullets by New York police officers the night before his wedding.

Paultre-Bell has notably become more politically active since the death of her fiance, and has reportedly become a regular at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network meetings in Harlem. 

Julianne Hing noted that Paultre-Bell did not directly benefit from the more than $3 million settlement with the city after Sean Bell’s shooting because, though the shooting happened less than 24 hours before their wedding, she was not legally Bell’s spouse. However, she was named executor of an estate set up in Sean Bell’s name to help care for the couple’s two children.