Sean Bell Protesters Stop Traffic, 216 Arrested; Border Patrol Wants Immigrants Leaving Country, Too

By The News May 08, 2008

Idaho Teacher Trashes Mexican Flag "A high school student says he may file a lawsuit against a physical education teacher who took a Mexican flag he had brought for Cinco de Mayo and put it in the garbage." Associated Press. Over 200 Arrested in Protest of the Sean Bell Verdict More that one thousand people gathered at six different sites across the city to protest the acquittal of the three detectives who killed Sean Bell. Blocking traffic to major New York thoroughfares, 216 people were arrested by NYPD for praying in the street. New York Times. FBI Investigates Indiana Cross Burning An interracial couple found a cross burning on their lawn early Friday morning. The Southern Poverty Law Center sees the crime as intimidation, but the FBI investigation continues. Indianapolis Star. First Aid Goes to Myanmar In Myanmar, the ruling military junta has given the US permission to fly in relief supplies to the survivors of cyclone Nargis. Officials from Thailand mediated between the US and the junta, which mistrusts American intentions. Euronews. Border Patrol Arrests Leaving Immigrants "U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have been setting up checkpoints, boarding buses destined for Mexico and pulling off people who don’t have proper documentation." Los Angeles Times.