School Officials Apologize for Slave Auction Skit

By Sameer Rao Mar 01, 2016

Illinois high school officials apologized after two students performed a skit involving a fake slave auction. 

NBC Chicago reports that the students performed the skit at the Illinois Junior Classical Convention, a multi-school competition that focuses on Roman and Greek studies. The Friday (February 26) morning performance was in front of students and parents from several area schools. One of the students wore a chain around his neck, while another student pretended to auction him off. "Today, we are going to have a Barrington bro for sale," one of the students said. The skit ended with a sale. NBC Chicago did not report the races of the students involved.

The teacher who coached the students apologized at the convention, saying, "I am truly, truly sorry." Barrington School District later offered a written apology, which reads: 

Barrington School District offers sincere apologies to those offended by the actions of our high school students participating in the Illinois Junior Classical Convention this weekend. We understand the concern and are reviewing the incident with students and staff who were involved.

NBC Chicago also reports that one of the involved students apologized the next day.

(H/t NBC Chicago, The Root)