Scenes from a Protest: Clippers Fans Stand Against Sterling

By Julianne Hing Apr 30, 2014

By yesterday afternoon, news of Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s lifetime NBA ban had already settled in. But there was still plenty of anger among the protesters who gathered outside the Staples Center Tuesday. With game 5 of the Warriors and Clippers first round playoff series hours away, Angelenos, most without a ticket to the game and many of them professed Lakers fans, gathered to let it be known that they wanted to Sterling as far away from the NBA as possible. 


Leaders from the National Action Network and the Nation of Islam address the crowd.


"That $2.5 million they fined him? He’s going to make that at today’s game," said Ron Nelson of Pasadena, who printed 20 t-shirts with the design he was wearing. "My thing is get him out."



Luis Gordiano and Matiana Lopez hold a sign they brought to the game.



"I came out to support the hometown Clippers," says Jubilee Shine, who held Messiah, 10 months. "I’m happy that [NBA Commissioner Adam] Silver listened to the players’ association and the community but he has to follow through on it like [Warriors point guard] Stephen Curry said, and make sure that Sterling is absolutely separated from this organization and from the league altogether."


"Are you a Clippers fan?" Colorlines asked Mollie Bell, of Compton. "I’m actually a Lakers fan," Bell said. "If we can do anything we need to dig out the COR. COR stands for the ‘culture of racism.’"


"Fouled Out!" read Clippers fan Abraham Dilan’s sign. "I’m very happy about the decision," Dilan said. "I hope Magic will buy the team."