Scenes from National Wisconsin Solidarity Rallies

From Sacramento to Raleigh, Salem to Atlanta, ordinary workers stand up for their rights.

By Jamilah King Feb 28, 2011

Over the weekend, people from across the country rallied in support of worker’s rights. Those rights, of course, have been under siege most prominently in Wisconsin, where Gov. Scott Walker has taken to a state-wide union-busting campaign to forward his right wing agenda. Undoubtedly, this era of massive unemployment — especially for black workers — coupled with non-existent corporate accountability leaves no doubt that the stakes are high. But it’s nothing new. Last week historian Michael Honey reminded us of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s rallying cry that "all labor has dignity." And at this weekend’s rallies, that call rang loud and clear. readers from California to North Carolina sent us images of this weekend’s massive show of force.

Salt Lake City, Utah
Images sent by: First image by Ryan Kowalchik, following two images sent by Yvonne Paul.


Salem, Oregon
Images sent Cathy Howell


Atlanta, Georgia
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Michigan, ‘Save the American Dream’/Wisconsin Solidarity Rally at State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan
Image sent by: Neeharika Tumati



San Francisco, California
Images: First image sent by Ann G. Baker, following picture sent by California school teacher Rob Washington.



Sacramento, California
Images sent by Mark Weirick


Los Angeles, CA
Image sent by Deidre Ryan

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