Saul’s Letter to President Bush

A letter from sanctuary seeker Elvira Arellano's son Saul to President Bush.

By Saul Arellano Jan 29, 2007

Letter to President Bush
From Saul Arellano

I Saul Arellano age 7 an American citizen, do now formally request a mettin with President George W. Bush. I request that he grant safe passage for my mother, Elvira Arellano, so that she can be with me at this meeting and can return safely to our Church. I request also that our United Methodist Pastor, Rev. Walterd L. Coldman and his wife, Emma Lozano and my Congresmen Luis V. Gutierrez, Boby Rush, and Rafael Pulido and Abel Uribe and my friend Daysha Delvalle also be present at this meeting.

I want to tell President George W. Bush why I believe my mother should be allowed to stay with me in my country. I want to tell him also that there are more than 3 million children like me. We are U.S. citizens but the government is taking away our mothers and fathers.

I ask all Good people to help me to get this meeting with President Bush.

Saul Arellano