Sarayu Blue on Being an Indian-American Actress in Hollywood

By N. Jamiyla Chisholm Jan 07, 2020

There aren’t many actors who can say they feature on shows on two different platforms airing one day apart—but Sarayu Blue, who will appear on CBS’s “The Unicorn” this Thursday (January 9) and then on Netflix’s “Medical Police” on Friday (January 10), can.

If her name is unfamiliar, her face is not. Blue was the lead in the Amy Poehler-produced NBC series “I Feel Bad,” which was written to highlight her Indian-American cultural roots. “It was an enormous opportunity to be in a situation where the role wasn’t originally written for a South Asian American woman, to just go in a room and audition and have them say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to go this route with it’ was an enormous amount of progress," Blue told The Cap Times in an article published Tuesday (January 7). "It is exciting to know that there is much more awareness around inclusion, much more awareness around making sure we’re getting stories told, and looking for stories to tell.” 

To that end, Blue said she’s intent on making sure there are more diverse stories put on the screen. “It’s important to me to keep the momentum going of seeing women of color in dimensional and interesting roles,” she said. “So I can’t always be selective, but certainly that’s a priority to me. I’m interested in uplifting that kind of work. I’m interested in being a part of that kind of work. And I’m interested in, if possible, developing that kind of work.”